Garden Services

Heady Plants will help keep your garden looking at its best!
We use the right tools and equipment for the job and remove all gardening waste before leaving your property
Outdoor Cleaning

We clean driveways, patios and paths with a 13hp petrol pressure washer

We start by spraying any weeds, algae and moss which are growing on the hard surface. We then go over it with the pressure washer with its special spinning disk and wash is clean

On block pathing we will come back on a sunny day to brush new sand into the block paving

Before and after

Gutter Cleaning

Over winter gutters can get clogged up and over flow. Overflowing water can then get under roofing and rot fascia and sub roofing of your property

We use a Skyvac cutter cleaning machine and can inspect the gutter before and after removing debris using an on-board camera

Grass Cutting and Hedge Trimming

We can help with lawn mowing, pruning shrubs, hedge trimming, weeding, leaf clearing or any other service your garden needs

Contact us to see how we can help and ask Robert for a free quote